Physical Activity Recommendations For Pregnant Women

Jul 4, 2017

Today we are taking a look at the latest evidence based guidelines for physical activity for pregnant women  which is in a really easy to understand infographic format.

pregnant women activity advice

Not already active? Pregnancy is an ideal time to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Whilst the guidelines do not differ to those for the general population, women who have been sedentary before pregnancy are recommended to follow a gradual progression of exercise, the message being, ‘not active – start gradually’.

A recommendation to pregnant women would be to begin gradually with 10 minute bouts of moderate intensity continuous exercise building up to a total of 150 minutes. This activity should be spread throughout the week and include all activities.

Already active? Pregnant women who are already active should be encouraged to maintain their physical activity levels. However, they may need to change the type of activity undertaken and adapt their activity throughout their pregnancy, for example, replacing contact sports with non- contact sport or an appropriate exercise class.

It is recommended that pregnant women take part in 150 minutes of moderate physical activity spread throughout the week. This can be performed in as little as ten minute bouts. Moderate intensity activity can easily be described as ‘activity that makes you breathe faster’ or at an intensity that increases your breathing rate whilst still being able to hold a conversation.

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Read the full details and evidence from the report here.

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