World Physiotherapy Day ‘Add life to years’

Sep 8, 2016

I love this years message for World Physiotherapy Day

Add life to years

I think it really encompasses everything we do as physiotherapists. Under the umbrella theme of Movement for Health, adding life to years highlights what a positive impact physiotherapist can have on improving people’s quality of life.

It’s often the very small things that really improve every day quality of life – getting up out of a chair without sound effects, being able to reach down to put socks on, looking after grandchildren or going on holiday. It’s these things that we really focus on during your physiotherapy sessions – exactly what matters to you.

This years message builds on the findings of the WHO’s report on ageing and health. The findings highlight that:

  • Physiotherapists help older people be independent, improving their quality of life and reducing health care costs.
  • Physiotherapists address the non-communicable diseases which compromise independence in older age.
  • Structured and tailored exercise programmes are often essential to promote independence in older people.

With the continued growth of the ageing population, improving quality of life and independence for older people is becoming increasingly important.

World Physical Therapy Day 2016

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