Exercise Rehabilitation

We have a dedicated rehabilitation team and space at our clinic in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire. We’ve invested in some great equipment and have a brilliant team to help you reach your goals!

We go beyond the treatment room, making sure you recover from your injury, stronger. 

Who is exercise rehabilitation for?

Exercise rehabilitation at goPhysio is perfect if you:


Exercise rehabilitation at goPhysio is perfect if you:


Want to prevent injury or cycles of relapses


Want a specific exercise programme to speed up your recovery


Want expert supervision and guidance to get fully fit


Want to solve a long-standing injury or problem

Have been having physiotherapy, sports therapy or sports massage treatment with us and your Therapist recommends you’d benefit from specific rehabilitation.
Have no access to a gym or exercise equipment and don’t want this to hold you back with your recovery
Aren’t confident exercising or doing your own programme and want expert guidance and support on hand

What does exercise rehabilitation involve?

Each 45 minute session is practical.
You’ll work through a series of exercises, using the Strong Room equipment, that will be targeted on the areas that need to be worked. This may be strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, stability…..whatever you need to reach your potential.
Don’t worry if you’re not used to exercising or have not used a ‘gym’ or any equipment or ‘weights’ before. Because the sessions are 1-2-1, you’ll be guided and supported throughout every session and come out stronger, more robust and more confident! It’s a bit like a ‘clinical Personal Trainer’!
We have a huge range of equipment in a dedicated space, offering great variety and just the right amount of challenge to see big improvments! You’ll alawys be under the direct supervision of one of our Sports & Rehabilitation Therapists. In addition to your exercise programme, sessions will also include a warm up, baseline testing (so you can monitor your progress) and a cool down, in addition to ongoing support and advice.

How do I book exercise rehab?

Bookings for rehab sessions are fully flexible, just like our other appointments, available throughout the week. If you’re already seeing one of our physiotherapists or Sports Therapists and they recommend exercise rehab to continue your recovery, they can book this directly for you.

Alternatively, you can call us on 023 8025 3317.

Sessions are available throughout the week, including evenings and Saturdays.

How much is exercise rehab?

The 1-2-1 sessions last 45 minutes, each session costs £59.

You can pre=pay for 6 sessions at a reduced rate of £295. 

How will exercise rehabilitation help me?

The aim of exercise rehabilitation is to help you:

  • Build long term physical durability
  • Carry out a prescribed exercise programme under close supervision at a rate that will help you achieve your goals
  • Supplement any ‘hands on’ treatment you have been recieving for your injury, helping you take control of your condition
  • Exercise in a safe and structured environment, where you have the confidence to take yourself to new levels

Behind The Strong Room

Rehabilitation: Why it’s crucial for you and your performance

The Strong Room

“This is a time for me to focus on myself so I can keep active for as long as I can to enable me to help my husband.”

“If I didn’t have this then I wouldn’t stick to my exercises.”

“I can do things now that I didn’t think I’d be able to do again.”

“I felt that I was better but still couldn’t do what I used to do or as well as I used to. Now I can!”

“I wouldn’t have known the tips you’ve given me without comng here, it’s made such a big difference.”

“It’s nice not to be exercising on my won!”

“This is just what I need.”

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Our care is focused on listening to you, solving your injury problems and achieving your goals.

Appointments within 24 hours

We guarantee we will offer you an appointment within 24 hours of you getting in touch.

Great Facilities

We invest in our clinic and facilities, providing you a top notch experience in wonderful surroundings.

20 years in the business

We know what works! Over the years we've learnt how to deliver the best possible care and service.

Free onsite parking

We’re easy to get to and find, with free on-site parking.

Get to the root

We quickly get to the bottom of your problem, finding and addressing the real cause, not just the symptoms.

Evening Appointments

We're open until late to fit appointments around your busy lifestyle.

Hassle Free

From first contacting us, we'll support you every step of the way and make your recovery journey easy.

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