The magic ‘6 weeks’ – does it exist? What does it mean?

Feb 19, 2016

Magic 6 weeksWe hear this day in day out.

“I’ve been to see my GP about my injury and the GP has told me to just rest for 6 weeks & take painkillers, isn’t that enough?”

Our response is: “Do you want to rest for 6 weeks? Can you afford to rest for 6 weeks?”

Yes, some injuries will just improve by themselves with a bit of rest and some painkillers. But what constitutes ‘rest’? What if it’s not getting better in 6 weeks? What effect will ‘rest’ have on the rest of my body?

This advice can often throw up more questions than solutions.

By seeking expert guidance and advice at the early stages of an injury, you are more likely to:

  • Keep being able to do the things you physically enjoy doing
  • Prevent any secondary problems developing from enforced rest or not moving properly
  • Speed up your recovery
  • Prevent future reoccurrence of your injury

At goPhysio, we will be able to reassure you what you should & shouldn’t be doing to help your recovery. We spend a long time with you 1-2-1 to fully understand your problem & answer all your questions. You’ll go away knowing exactly what is wrong with you & exactly how to help it get better. NOW – NOT IN 6 WEEKS!

The result is – a speedier recovery, getting back to what you want to be doing quicker & without the worry of the unknown.

There’s nothing worse than sitting around worrying about what may be wrong & whether you’re doing the right thing, we’ll alleviate your fears. Something has obviously caused your pain or injury and that needs to be addressed to help you longer term.

Our Physio and Sports Therapy service is direct referral, that means you can just give us a call and book your appointment with one of our experts, without having to wait and see your GP.

You can do this online now here 24/7, so whenever you make the decision, you can act on it.

If you’re not sure whether we can help, do get in touch. We’re more than happy to chat through your individual case and point you in the right direction.

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