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If you take part in sports, injuries can be an inevitable part of your life. From every day aches and niggles, to more severe problems that stop you in your tracks. We know how frustrating an injury can be if it stops you doing what you love.

-At goPhysio, help is at hand if you have a sports injury. Our team of Physio’s and specialist Sports and Rehabilitation Therapists are on hand to quickly diagnose your injury and help you recover, so you can get back to your sport.

We can take you beyond the treatment room, to ensure you return to your sport ready to achieve your best. We have an on-site private rehab gym, fully equipped to help you re-gain strength and get back to doing what you love!

Why choose goPhysio?

Don’t just take our word for it, we have hundreds of happy patients willing to share their thoughts on their goPhysio experiences. You can read more reviews here.

I have just had my first appointment with a physio, after taking up running during the first lockdown and increasing mileage I found myself in some pain and discomfort and decided I need to get it checked out. And I am so glad that I did. My issue has been diagnosed and has begun a treatment plan to help get me back on track and hopefully to my dream of competing in this year’s Brighton marathon Thank you so much, Francesca. I can highly recommend goPhysio Chandlers, Ford. They are also very friendly and welcoming.


What would help?


Range of treatments available, including fully equipped onsite rehabilitation gym


Experienced team, with specialist experience in a wide range of sporting disciplines


Functional approach, ensuring your recovery is sport-specific


Treatment of a full range of injuries, from simple strains and sprains to longstanding overuse injuries


On-site treadmill to assess running-related injuries


Shockwave Therapy for stubborn, recurrent injuries


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What are the common causes of sports injuries?

Sports injuries can be classified into 2 main categories; Traumatic from a sudden, memorable incident such as a direct blow/tackle or twisting/tearing motion or Overuse linked to training overload or sudden changes in activities that put stress through the body causing repetitive ‘microtrauma’ and injury.

Shouldn’t I just rest and my injury will get better?

Yes, some injuries will just improve by themselves with a bit of rest and some painkillers. But what constitutes ‘rest’? What if it’s not getting better in 6 weeks? What effect will ‘rest’ have on the rest of your body? This advice can often throw up more questions than solutions. By seeking expert guidance and advice at the early stages of an injury, you are more likely to keep being able to do the things you physically enjoy doing, prevent any secondary problems developing from enforced rest or not moving properly, speed up your recovery and prevent future reoccurrence of your injury.

At goPhysio, we will be able to reassure you what you should & shouldn’t be doing to help your recovery. We spend a long time with you 1-2-1 to fully understand your problem & answer all your questions. You’ll go away knowing exactly what is wrong with you & exactly how to help it get better. NOW – NOT IN 6 WEEKS!

The result is – a speedier recovery, getting back to what you want to be doing quicker & without the worry of the unknown.

There’s nothing worse than sitting around worrying about what may be wrong & whether you’re doing the right thing, we’ll alleviate your fears. Something has obviously caused your pain or injury and that needs to be addressed to help you longer term.

Our Physio and Sports Therapy service is a direct referral, which means you can just give us a call and book your appointment with one of our experts, without having to wait and see your GP.

How do you diagnose a sports injury?

If you think you may be suffering with a sports injury, it is important to get an assessment by a physiotherapist or sports therapist. The key to effective management of an injury, particularly an overuse injury, is accurately identifying exactly what’s causing it and addressing this. This will help to prevent any of those niggles turning into a bigger problem and possibly preventing you doing the sport of activity that you love.

What is the best treatment for sports injuries?
There are lots of treatments that can be used to help, depending on the injury, stage of healing, specific sport, and your unique aims and goals. Treatment often starts in the acute painful phase with easing the symptoms such as pain and inflammation. We progress through the load-specific phase where the focus switches to less frequent treatments and more demanding exercises, progressing into the sport-specific phase and with a return to sports bias. In parallel to this, addressing the underlying cause to prevent recurrence is key. Treatments may include activity and training advice and education, including selective rest, soft tissue therapy, exercise rehabilitation, and orthotics.
What is selective rest?
This means to selectively rest from the aggravating (pain-causing) activities. So, if you’ve got an ankle injury and you’re a keen runner, it is usually better to rest from running until you’re recovering but gentle walking and alternative non-aggravating activities such as swimming or cycling to maintain movement and fitness can be really helpful. Essentially, your body’s tissues (muscle, tendon, ligaments, and bone) will adapt to the demands you place upon them. When you rest the muscles may tighten and weaken, joints will stiffen and your whole body will also de-condition. The long-term effects of complete rest will often prolong injuries, with you suffering unnecessary secondary complications and time off running due to inactivity. We’re designed to move, hence movement and exercise are therapeutic – but the key is selecting movements carefully, to allow your injury to recover.

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