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If you’ve ever experienced dizziness, you know how awful it can be. It can have an impact on everything you do and become very distressing, frustrating and limiting.

There can be many reasons why you might experience dizziness. Some of these may be medical and need medication, specialist tests and interventions. However, there is a particularly common cause of dizziness that is very easily treated with physiotherapy.

That condition is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo or BPPV for short. Our physiotherapists at goPhysio are able to treat BPPV very effectively using a specialist technique called the Epley manoeuvre.

The Epley manoeuvre is a series of movements of your head, guided by the therapist. It’s a quick and highly effective treatment. The precise series and combination of movements of your head utilise gravity and the shape of the canals in your ears to move the crystals. With each movement, the crystals move along to the next part of the canal until they move back into the organs that they are normally contained within.

It can be totally effective in as little as 1 appointment, although can take up to 3.

Watch this video of our team demonstrating the Epley Manoeuvre here

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Epley manoeuvre cured my vertigo in 1 treatment – I’m back to normal!


how WE can help?

Freedom from debilitating and frustrating dizziness
A really simple, quick, and effective treatment technique

Relief in just 1 – 3 treatments

No GP referral needed
Same day appointments often available

Experienced Clinicians in helping people with dizziness 


A simple alternative to medication 


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