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Whether you’re a weekend warrior, serious athlete or occasional runner, keeping active plays a vital part in living a long and healthy life.

If you’re unfortunate enough to sustain an injury, however, you can be assured that at goPhysio, most injuries can be addressed easily and quickly, minimising your recovery time. We solve your injury problems and concerns, getting you better quickly and back to enjoying sport pain-free.

Our holistic ‘goPhysio Way’ approach ensures that while treating your injury with ‘hands on’ traetment, we also improve your strength and stability to help prevent re-injury.

Our Physio’s and Rehabilitation Therapists and are active people who participate in a range of sports themselves, from cross country running to triathlons, kite surfing to skiing. We have a wide range of clinical, professional and personal experience to make sure your treatment is tailored to your individual goals.

Why choose goPhysio?

Don’t just take our word for it, we have hundreds of happy patients willing to share their thoughts on their goPhysio experiences. You can read more reviews here.

Came to see Hugo for treatment following an injury to my rotator cuff in January- as an aerialist this could have meant months off training. I was so pleased with my treatment and continued exercise for physio at home. Hugo showed that he understood the demands of my sport and tailored exercises to help recovery and focus on the muscles I most needed to use. Found everyone at goPhysio to be highly professional, friendly and knowledgeable – have been recommending to anyone who asks!

– S. Wilkinson


As Sports Therapists and Physio’s, we’re movement & exercise specialists. We’re the profession of choice for sports teams and athletes worldwide to help the best achieve their best. You deserve the best too and that’s what we aim to offer you here at goPhysio. Some of the common sports injuries we treat at goPhysio include:


Overuse Injuries


Running Injuries


Tennis Injuries


Cycling Injuries


Triathlon Injuries

So whatever your sports or activity, we use our expertise skills and knowledge to help you recover and get back to what you want to be doing, fast.

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What commonly causes sports injuries?
Sports injuries can be classified into 2 main categories; Traumatic from a sudden memorable incident such as a direct blow/tackle or twisting / tearing motion or Overuse linked to training overload or sudden changes in activities that put stress through the body causing repetitive ‘microtrauma’ and injury.
I suffered a knee injury during a tackle while playing football over 3-months ago and every time I play it’s sore, what should I do?

It sounds like you’ve partially torn some ligaments or soft tissues and they’ve healed to a point but you’re left with some scar tissue (adhesions) or instability, so whenever you put too much force through that area your’re re-injuring it to a small degree. You’re essentially suffering with delayed healing, you’re stuck in the inflammatory phase of healing with all of the ache / discomfort but none of the benefit i.e. healing. You’ll keep going round and round in circles while all the time de-conditioning. I recommend you come in and book an appointment and a few follow-up treatment sessions where we’ll assess in more detail and apply a range of treatments to stimulate your bodies natural healing, progress you through the inflammatory phase and strengthen it as it heals, getting you back to sport quickly. Our aim is to ensure your left with no weaknesses that may cause re-injury and you can crack on enjoying your football, how does that sound?

What commonly causes sports injuries?
Sports injuries can be classified into 2 main categories; Traumatic from a sudden memorable incident such as a direct blow/tackle or twisting / tearing motion or Overuse linked to training overload or sudden changes in activities that put stress through the body causing repetitive ‘microtrauma’ and injury.
My sports injury is always sore after training, will it go if I just rest for longer between training sessions?
Rest alone is rarely effective, theoretically it’s only effective if the only cause was training error i.e. frequency, intensity or duration of training which is rarely the case. You see the body is good at compensating, but only up to a point, so when we see sports injuries in-clinic it’s often multiple factors combining at once beyond what the body can compensate for i.e. A chronic tendinopathy with adhesions & scar tissue, poor biomechanics, worn out trainers, training error and reduced limb stability resulting in poor technique all combined into a 3-6 month injury with all the yo-yoing in activity levels and frustration. So rest alone often isn’t enough, if it is your one of the rare and lucky ones!
What does a typical Sports injury feel like?

Depending on the affected tissue or body part will depend on how it will feel. Common symptoms include:

  •  Pain on warm-up and then returns towards end or after activity
  • Pinching or sharp pain on specific movements
  • An persistent dull ache
How do the symptoms progress?
Sports injuries can be slow in developing and last a long time. The longer the problem is ignored the worse or more frequent the symptoms can become. This may lead to pain every time you engage in your sport or activity and may also lead to pain/swelling afterwards.
How is it diagnosed?
If you think you may be suffering with a sports injury, it is important to get an assessment by a physiotherapist or sports therapist. The key to effective management of an overuse injury is accurately identifying exactly what’s causing it and addressing this. This will help to prevent any of those niggles turning into a bigger problem and possibly preventing you doing the sport of activity that you love.
What is the best treatment for sports injuries?

There are lots of treatments that can be used to help, depending on the injury, stage of healing, specific sport and your unique aims and goals. Treatment often starts in the acute painful phase with the easing the symptoms such as pain and inflammation. The we progress through the load specific phase where the focus switches to less frequent treatments and more demanding exercises, progressing into the sport specific phase and with return to sport bias. In parallel to this, addressing the underlying cause to prevent recurrence is key. Treatments may include:

  • Activity / Training advice and education – selective rest
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Joint mobilisations
  • Sports massage
  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Technique analysis/correction
  • Orthotics
What’s the long term outlook after treatment?
When the underlying issue is addressed and appropriate changes are made, 99% of sports injuries recover. They can often be a very frustrating injury, as they inevitably need a bit of rest and trial and error to work out exactly what’s causing the issue. That’s where we come in, seeing an expert can guide you through the injury maze and help get you back doing what you love painfree as quickly as possible.

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