More about Sciatica

Sciatica is pain coming down the back of your leg, that comes from your lower back. It is extremely common and can be quite severe.

It’s really important that the cause of your sciatica is identified in-order to devise the most effective treatment plan for you. It could from a herniated or prolapsed disc, a narrowing around your nerve in your back, impingement of the nerve in your back or it may be caused from muscle tension in and around your pelvis.

Rarely, there may be more serious causes of your sciatica symptoms, but we ensure our thorough assessment will screen for anything to be concerned about and we will refer you on to a specialist without delay if this is needed.

The pain from sciatica can be quite acute and severe. But with the right diagnosis and treatment can resolve really quickly.

Once we have identified what is causing your sciatica, treatments may include:

  • Reassurance and advice (this is more powerful than you may think!)
  • Activity and rest advice, so you can be comfortable and sleep better
  • A graded exercise programme
  • Manual therapy
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise based rehab
  • Clinical Pilates, particularly if it’s recurrent or long-standing
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Don’t just take our word for it, we have hundreds of happy patients willing to share their thoughts on their goPhysio experiences. You can read more reviews here.

I have been attending Pilates weekly for a few years after suffering with sciatica from a disc injury. Its really helped with my recovery and I feel a lot stronger than I ever have. Classes are small so there is more focus on individual needs. Friendly staff and great facilities. Highly recommend.

K. Churchouse


We’ll help you to understand why you have sciatica and how to reduce it – both during an acute flare up or long term pain. Your treatment will vary depending on the nature and cause of your pain and how severe it is.

Treatments for sciatica may include:


Manual therapy to mobilise joints


Soft tissue release and massage to ease spasm and pain

A personal exercise programme
Advice on pain relief and long term strategies
Simple lifestyle changes to ease pain

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What painkillers are best for sciatic?
For acute sciatica your GP may recommend stronger ‘neuropathic’ pain medications which are much better for nerve pain (tingling/burning/shooting pain). Please note all medications have side effects and can interact with other medications you are already on or other conditions that you may have so please check with your GP or a pharmacist before taking any new medication.
What about X-rays and scans?
X-rays are not routinely required for sciatica, unless there is the suspicion of a fracture (such as after a severe trauma or in people with osteoporosis). This is because it exposes you to radiation but does not often provide any useful information on how we should best treat your sciatica. Likewise MRI’s are only needed if it’s particularly severe with constant unremitting pain into your foot or the existence of red flags. In those cases they help to rule out serious spinal pathology or to help a consultant identify if a nerve in your back is being significantly compressed to warrant injection or surgery. The physio will be able to advise if you require an x-ray or MRI scan from a thorough assessment.
My sciatica is now better, I don’t want it to return, what should I do?

Once an acute episode of sciatica has eased off, we recommend continuing with your exercise to help keep any further recurrences at bay. Research indicates that any form of exercise is great for people who’ve had sciatica – being active and moving helps! Many of our patients go on to our specialist Pilates classes. These are particularly beneficial as they are taken by our Clinical team, so they are well equipped to deal with any concerns or issues you may have with your back and can modify and progress the exercises for you individually. The classes are also small, so you aren’t lost in a sea of people struggling – you get individual care and attention. We run both reformer and mat based classes, so there’s plenty of choice to fit in with your weekly commitments.

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