BackCare Awareness Week 2021

Oct 5, 2021

This week is the annual BackCare Awareness week, a week brought to us by the BackCare organisation to highlight and open
discussions on back pain.

With the global pandemic in mind, the past two years have been extremely difficult for all, and as a result BackCare Awareness Week 2021 will be paying particular attention to:

Click on the links to read more specific advice if you’re finding yourself spending more time working from home, studying from home or spending more time at home. 

If you’re worried about how back pain is limiting your life, please do get in touch. It can feel like nothing will help and that you have to learn to live with back pain, but that is absolutely not the case. Our team helps 100s of people every year with back pain and we have a range of ways to help you, so please call 023 8025 3317 to find out more.

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