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No one wants an injury, particularly runners. Not being able to run because of an injury is highly frustrating. The good news is, so many running injuries can be easily solved with the right assessment and treatment.

If you’re a runner, injuries can be an inevitable part of your life. From every day aches and niggles, to more severe problems that stop you in your tracks.

Our team of Physio’s and specialist Sports and Rehabilitation Therapists are on hand to quickly diagnose your injury and help you recover, so you can get back to running and train and take part in events, fast.

Why choose goPhysio?

Don’t just take our word for it, we have hundreds of happy patients willing to share their thoughts on their goPhysio experiences. You can read more reviews here.

I wanted to get over a calf strain as quickly as possible. goPhysio had appointments available when I needed them and gave great advice and a course of action to not only resolve the problem short term, but stop this re-occurring in the future. 


How we can help you

Access to quick, though assessment to identify the exact cause of your injury

Range of treatments available, including fully equipped onsite rehabilitation gym

Experienced team, with specialist experience in a wide range of running injuries
Functional approach, ensuring your recovery is specific

Treatment of a full range of injuries, from simple strains and sprains to longstanding overuse injuries


On-site treadmill to assess running-related injuries


Shockwave Therapy for stubborn, recurrent injuries


Book an appointment

To start your road to recovery, contact us to book your appointment. Call 023 8025 3317 or book your appointment online.

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Our care is focused on listening to you, solving your injury problems and achieving your goals.

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Appointments within 24 hours

We guarantee we will offer you an appointment within 24 hours of you getting in touch.

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Great Facilities

We invest in our clinic and facilities, providing you a top notch experience in wonderful surroundings.

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20 years in the business

We know what works! Over the years we've learnt how to deliver the best possible care and service.

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Free onsite parking

We’re easy to get to and find, with free on-site parking.

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Get to the root

We quickly get to the bottom of your problem, finding and addressing the real cause, not just the symptoms.

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Evening Appointments

We're open until late to fit appointments around your busy lifestyle.

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Hassle Free

From first contacting us, we'll support you every step of the way and make your recovery journey easy.