Meet Your Team: Hello Hannah!

Dec 6, 2021

As our team has changed and grown over the last year or so, we thought it would be a great time to introduce you to the team that we HannahDormanhave to help you, re-introducing the more familiar faces and welcoming the new ones!

Today we meet Chartered Physiotherapist & APPI Pilates Instructor, Hannah. 

What are your clinical qualifications? I have a BSc Physiotherapy, APPI Pilates matwork Level 2 qualification and Level 4 ITMMiF (which is Intermediate Trauma Medical Management in Football).

What areas have you previously worked in? I have completed a number of NHS rotations, including – respiratory ICU, MSK, stroke, elderly care, and emergency response. I have also worked in a private physio clinic, specialising in upper limb problems. I have worked with Southampton Football Club academy, both doing rehab and pitch side. And I spent some time in a private clinic in Whistler, Canada, managing ski injuries.

Do you have any special areas of interest in your work? I particularly enjoy working with younger patients, in Paediatrics. Hands really interest me and more sport specific, would be skiing and football injuries.

What you’re most proud of? Recovering from a severe Spinal injury.

What’s the best thing about being part of the goPhysio team? Every team member is approachable and always willing to help you the best they can.

If you could invite any 3 people in the world round for dinner, who would they be?

  1. Jesus
  2. Michael McIntyre
  3. Queen Elizabeth II

Where in the world is top of your list to visit? Australia

If you were going to space and could only take 1 thing, what would it be? A Camera

What’s the 1 thing that may surprise people about you? I delivered a baby in Africa


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Meet our newest team member, Sonia!

Meet our newest team member, Sonia!

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