Meet Your Team, Hello Fiona!

Jul 29, 2019

As our team has grown over the last year or so, we thought it would be a great time to introduce you to the team that we have to help you, re-introducing the more familiar faces and welcoming the new ones!

Today we meet one of goPhysio’s founders, Fiona.

Fiona Moir

What is your background?

I studied Physiotherapy at Bristol and qualified back in 1997. I worked as a Physio until 2004, alongside setting up goPhysio in Hampshire with my husband Paul in 2001.

What areas have you previously worked in?

As a physio I worked predominantly in the NHS, in Nottingham, Bournemouth and Winchester. I also worked in private practice and the MOD, before ‘downing the tools’ and moving over to the business management side of things as goPhysio grew.

What’s your role at goPhysio?

I wear many hats at goPhysio, one of the joys of running a small, family business! I see my main role as looking after our team, who in turn can look after you guys (our patients) in the best possible way. I help make sure everything is run smoothly, we maintain the highest possible standards of care that our reputation is built on and most excitingly drive growth and progress!

You can never become complacent in business, so I am always looking for ways to improve what we do, make sure it’s all focused around the people that matter and looking out for new ideas and services.

What you’re most proud of?

The 3 gorgeous little (not so little any more!) people in my life (the 4th being goPhysio!).

What’s the best thing about being part of the goPhysio team? 

Definitely the people. Being surrounded by such a positive energy every day is brilliant!

We asked………

If you could invite any 3 people in the world round for dinner, who would they be?

  • My Grandad Gerald, who was always full of wonderful dinner table conversations, that I now reflect I didn’t appreciate when I was younger.
  • Walt Disney – an inspiration in business.
  • Hugh Jackman, so we could hopefully have a bit of an after dinner sing song!

Where in the world is top of your list to visit?

Costa Rica at the moment (but I have a very long list).

If you were going to space and could only take 1 thing, what would it be?


What’s the 1 thing that may surprise people about you? 

 I once came third place in a GB under 25kg Judo competition!

How’s your desk set up?

How’s your desk set up?

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Meet our newest team member, Sonia!

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