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The clinic doors have now re-opened for face to face appointments, however, online video appointments are still available for those who aren't able to or are not confident in coming to the clinic.  

Who are online appointments for? 

If you're injured or in pain, an online physio appointment could help you. We can help guide and reassure you if:

  • You've got a new pain or injury and want a diagnosis of what's causing it and help to recover 
  • You've got an existing injury and are getting fed up with it 
  • You were previoulsy having treatment at goPhysio or elsewhere and want to continue your recovery 
  • You have a longstanding condition and it's being affected by being less active whilst in lockdown
  • You had orthopaedic surgery and any post-op physio has now been stopped 
  • You're working from home and your new 'office' set up is causing you neck, back, shoulder or arm problems
  • If you think you may need a face to face appointment 

What does an online appointent involve? 

We use a secure online platform through our dedicated practice managment software, specifically designed for online physiotherapy consultations (not Zoom, FaceTime or any other generic service). 

  1. Once you've booked your online appointment, you will receive an email confirmation of your appointment. 
  2. At your appointment time, have everything ready and your email open and you will be sent the link to your appointment. 
  3. The link will take you through to your online appointment.
  4. Your Physio, will introduce himself, ask you lot's of questions and get you to try some movements or tests to help identify what's going on. 
  5. They'll then explain your injury and give you opportunity to ask lot's of questions. 
  6. They'll give you a comprehensive treatment plan, which may include self treatment techniques, an exercise programme, adjustments you can make at home etc. 
  7. Any further appointments needed can be booked. 
  8. After your appointment you will be sent a detailed exercise program and an invoice with a link to pay for your appointment securely online if you haven't already paid. 

To carry out an online consultation you will need to have:

  1. An email address that we can send your online consultation invitation to 
  2. A device (computer, iPad, tablet or phone) with video / web cam facilities 
  3. Internet connection 
  4. A quiet area so you can focus on the advice and support being given 
  5. Space in front of your camera so that you can move 

You can take a look at a comprehensive guide to online appointments and how to use the system here

How do I book an online appointment? 

  1. All you need to do is call us on 023 8025 3317 or click here to book your consultation (select Online Virtual Physio Assessment for your first appointment).
  2. You will be sent an email with a link for your video consultation.
  3. At your appointment time, click the link and you will be connected to your Virtual Appointment. 
  4. After your appointment, you will be sent an exercise program via email. 
  5. If you need a further appointment, this can be booked at the end of your appointment or you can do this online here

How much does an online appointment cost? 

Both an Initial Virtual Assessment Appointment and Follow Up Vurtual Appontment will last 30 minutes, the charge is £49 per appointment.

How will an online appointment help me? 

The aim of Physiotherapy is:

  • To help identify the cause, nature and issues relating to your specific injury so you can understand exactly what's going on
  • Educate and advise you on the best way of managing your injury 
  • To use a range of treatments and exercises to help relieve your symptoms and help you recover quickly 
  • To use a scientifically based exercise programme to optimse both your recovery and prevent future injuries 

The support we can give you online is very detailed and comprehensive. Although we can't provide 'hands on' treatments, there are so many others ways that we can help you.  

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