Hampshire Hilly Hundred

May 6, 2015

Cycle 80 miles or 100 miles. What’s another 20!

  • Avoid the main roads and see some lovely scenery, pass through the Downs and experience some hill-work. The Hampshire Hilly Hundred is known for its elevation so you can be sure to feel it in your legs.
  • If you are going to take part be sure to have plenty of miles under the belt, and some hill sessions. Otherwise you may find the body will give up. Your legs will burn, your back and neck will ache, and your bum too.
  • To avoid the risk of injury or if you’re new to this type of challenge, make sure that your bike is the right fit and set up to your specifications. Make sure you are fit to the demands of the cycle. If needs by cycle part of the route in preparation.
  • Take some energy food with you and lots of drinks for hydration. Don’t want those hills beating you.
  • Once you’re finished do a slow, easy cycle on your bike to cool down, followed by walking around to ease your back into the upright position and take advantage of the post-race massage. This will help your legs feel better and have less of that post-exercise ache the following day, leaving you ready to cycle some more!
  • If you want to go the whole hog have an ice bath as well. Though that may not be for everyone.

goPhysio will be on hand at the Hampshire Hilly Hundred this year providing expert advice and that all important post race massage, come and say ‘Hello!’