goPhysio: Coronavirus Update from 19th July 2021

Jul 14, 2021

Covid Restriction Update from goPhysio
Throughout the pandemic we have strived to make goPhysio as safe as possible for all our staff, visitors and community. We will continue to do so going forward in order to remain a COVID-19 secure environment. Thank you all so much for helping us protect each other and welcoming all the measures we have had in place throughout the pandemic. As we are aware, the restrictions are due to be lifted as of 19th July. We just wanted to share our position.
The 19th July We welcome the news that we will see some form of normality come back to us for some aspects of our lives. Whilst change is happening in the wider community, as a healthcare facility, we will be taking a more cautious approach in order to ensure we protect our more vulnerable visitors.
Face Coverings We would politely ask that you respect our decision to continue to use face coverings at goPhysio, unless you are exempt. All clinical staff will still be in full PPE and we ask that you still wear masks when attending appointments and classes, as we are a close contact service. This advice is in line with the guidance from Public Health England and our professional bodies.
Waiting Room Our waiting room is open but we will continue to stagger appointments in order to limit the number of people waiting at any one time. We would ask that you don’t arrive too early for your appointment to minimise waiting.
Social Distancing Whilst social distancing might be being removed in certain sectors, as we are a healthcare setting, we would ask that you continue to respect social distancing whenever possible. This applies in both communal areas and in our classes, which will remain at 5 participants.
Covid Symptoms & Screening We would ask that you follow the latest guidance regarding testing, tracing and isolation. Please do not attend an appointment or class if you have symptoms of Coronavirus. All new patients will need to complete a Covid screening questionnaire online prior to their first appointment.
We are sure you understand that we need to keep goPhysio as safe as possible for ALL patients and staff as best we can, so really appreciate your continued support and understanding.
Thank you, from the goPhysio Team 
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