Good Things Happen Here!

Jul 8, 2022

goPhysio Chandlers Ford If you’ve visited us or driven by the clinic recently, you may have spotted that we’ve spruced up the outside a little! We wanted something that portrayed everything we’re about here at goPhysio and 2 Sisters certainly didn’t disappoint.

So, what was behind the wall art?

We asked our team what “Good Things Happen Here” means to them.

Physio & Pilates Instructor Hannah said “As a Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, I guide someone’s journey from injury to full recovery and assist in improving quality of lives!”

Chloe, our Admin & Marketing Assistant (who also oversaw the wall art project!) said “To me, good things happen here means we are all part of a close team that love helping people be the best versions of themselves. As part of the marketing team, I love encouraging people to express and be themselves, especially when it comes to filming and creating content.”

“As Practice Manager, I hope I can encourage all team members to enjoy and thrive at work, have their voices heard and respected, and create a positive atmosphere each day in the clinic.” is what Katie had to say.

“Helping patients get better and achieve their aims and goals. It’s that simple.” Is what our co-founder of gophysio and Clinical Director Paul said.

“As patient services, I love watching the whole journey; from taking the call and hearing how they need help, to welcoming them to the clinic for the first time and building relationships throughout their journey.” Jade

Kim has a number of roles at goPhysio. She shared her thoughts about what ‘Good Things Happen Here’ means to her in her when she’s wearing her various hats. “As Clinical Lead, it means supporting the team to be the best version of themselves and watching them achieve things they didn’t think they would. As a Physiotherapist, it’s the joy that comes from someone coming in and telling you they ran pain free, or managed some gardening – something they weren’t able to do previously with their pain or injury. As a Pilates Instructor, it’s seeing people progress during the classes and taking on more challenging exercises.”

Fiona, co-founder and Non-Clinical Director said “I see it as a far reaching and all encompassing statement. We see patients come through the door, often frustrated, confused, scared, let down by the NHS who just want someone to help and guide them. We go above and beyond to do this positively in so many ways. The good is the care we give, the attention, the outcomes and the support – from hobbling into the clinic in agony, to running that 10k – that’s good! But it’s also about our ethos and our team. Encouraging and supporting everyone to be their personal best, really caring and investing to be a great place to work.” (sorry that ended up a bit long winded, but you get the gist!

As a Sports and Rehabilitation Therapist, to Duncan, this mural means “it’s getting people back to their sports and hobbies which they love doing.”

“As a physio my goal is to make people smile again. This can be because I have helped them to resolve their pain, enabled them to return to a hobby or activity they have recently been unable to do or achieve a new goal and realise an ambition they thought may not be possible. Not only does that make the patients smile again, but it also makes me as their physio smile with them.” Roz

goPhysio Eastleigh

So, if you need some of our ‘good things’ to happen for you, don’t hesitate in getting in touch. You can call us on 023 8025 3317 or book an appointment online here.


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Join Us for Our Open Morning at goPhysio on 7th September

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