More about foot and ankle injuries

Given how much work our feet and ankles have to do, it’s not surprising they complain at times!
Common foot and ankle conditions we see include:
Plantar- fasciitis (pain in the inside arch of the foot)
Calcaneal bursitis (pain in the heel of the foot)
Meta-tarsalgia (pain in the ball of the feet)
Morton’s neuroma (pins & needles or numbness in the toes)
Tendonopathies (Tendon injury i.e. achilles, tibias posterior syndrome)
Ankle sprains
At gophysio we aim to put a spring back into your step and resolve your injuries for good!

Why choose goPhysio?

Don’t just take our word for it, we have hundreds of happy patients willing to share their thoughts on their goPhysio experiences. You can read more reviews here.

I have been going to goPhysio for years – way back before they had the studio! As the team has grown so has their exceptional service and additional services – so much more than ‘just’ physiotherapy. Always super classes and easy appointments. The whole team care and want to help their clients to improve their fitness and general health. I recommend them whole heartedly!

– S. Coates


At goPhysio we always treat your foot and ankle pain as part of the bigger picture. Not only will we treat your foot itself, but we will look from the foot upwards and from the hip downwards, ensuring we leave you with no issues that will contribute to a re-occurrence.

Having identified all the factors unique to your condition, we will then address and correct them in parallel with hands-on treatments, advice and education. We can offer a range of effective treatments including Shockwave therapy, exercise rehab and acupuncture and you will be provided with a bespoke home exercise programme to self treat at home and speed up your recovery.

We’ll also asses you to see if you’d benefit from orthotics and discuss the range of options available to get you back on your feet a quickly.


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Why is it so painful 1st thing in the morning or after I’ve been sat for a while and then get up?
It’s common to have pain after a period of rest, when you stand up and move.The reason being is that when you’re sat for a while or asleep in bed, the foot is off loaded and restiffens. When you get back up on your feet, you are re-stretching the tight, painful structures. It may ease a little as you start to move around as it effectively ‘warms up’ and loosens.
What can help recovery?
There are many factors that will affect the speed of recovery. Seeing an expert Physiotherapist who has a wide range of experience treating foot and ankle injuries is vital to identify all the factors and work towards removing or modifying the triggers unique to you.
Can orthotics help?

Orthotics are prescribed and worn for a variety of reasons. They are also known as insoles, shoe inserts or orthoses. Orthotics work by improving foot efficiency, lower limb alignment, therefore reducing stress on the problem area resulting in pain relief. The most common reasons orthotics are recommended are:

  • Arch and heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis)
  • lower leg tendonitis (Achilles tendonitis and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction)
  • Shin splints
  • Knee pain, such as chondromalacia patellae, iliotibial band syndrome (Runners knee)
  • Leg length discrepancy
  • Low back pain

We are able to asses whether you’d benefit from orthotics by combining our knowledge & expertise of injury and how the foot and ankle works with a dynamic computerised foot scan. Following this we can make appropriate recommendations based on your individual case and circumstances.

What are the most common causes foot and ankle Pain or Injury?
  1. Biomechanics It’s crucial to assess whether your foot and leg biomechanics (e.g. flattened arches, knocked knees etc.) are contributing to your injury and may need correcting. Here at goPhysio, our Physio’s can do this quite easily as part of your initial session by combining their physical assessment findings with performing a computerised foot screen using our cutting edge Gaitscan system.
  2. Training Patterns and Intensity If a runner or keen walker has the condition, it’s vital to look at the historical loading of the fascia and modify their training schedule to a level that allows the condition to heal. Without breaking the cycle, the tissues won’t be able to recover. However, we like to keep people doing what they love, so rather than advise complete rest, we try wherever possible, to modify your activity or suggest alternatives in the short term that will promote recovery.
  3. Lower Limb Stability Often muscle imbalances further up your body in your knee, hip or pelvis, will have an impact on the foot. As part of your recovery we will always address these elements too to help prevent re-occurrences.
  4. Age Research suggests that older people experience more severe and more prolonged episodes of inflammation and pain. So, if you’re 40 years plus and enjoy an active lifestyle, your pain is unlikely to settle with just rest. It will be easily aggravated when you resume normal activities, as the cause and actual injury hasn’t been addressed.
  5. Footwear Unsupportive, flat, old, worn out shoes or trainers can both contribute to causing plantar fasciitis and will inevitably prolong the condition.

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