Eastleigh 10K 2022 Offers!

Feb 23, 2022

We’re here to help solve the frustration and anxiety you feel, when injured or in pain. With our expert team and great facilities, you’ll get the right treatment at the right time, speeding your recovery. We get you quickly back to the activities you enjoy, performing at your physical best with long lasting recovery.

As official Health Partners of the 2022 Hendy Eastleigh 10k, we’ve got some exclusive offers to keep you running! We’ve got some great special offers just for you runners!

Whether you’re training for or recovering from the Eastleigh 10k, a professional sports massage is a great way to ease any aches or pains, promote recovery and help with performance. Use this discount as many times as you like between now and the 30th of April.

Almost everyone could benefit from Pilates, including runners! Whether you’re recovering from an injury, training your body to ‘run better’ or strengthening your core, it’s a great way to build long term, physical durability and help prevent injuries. Take advantage of this exclusive special, three 45 minute 1-2-1 sessions for £99 (saving £78). Read more about Pilates at goPhysio.

Active lifestyle but unhappy feet? Suffering with foot pain? Knee pain? or Lower back pain? Custom made orthotics could help you. For a limited time we are offering a free computerised foot scan, worth £59. Book yours to see whether orthotics may help you. Read more about Orthotics here.

All offers expire on 30th April 2022 and are subject to availability. Please quote EASTLEIGH10K at time of booking to ensure you recieve your discount. To make any bookings, please call us on 023 8025 3317.

Bookings are also now open for your free pre & post race massage on the day. Avoid waiting on the day and book your slot now!

Book your Pre-Race Massage HERE!

Book your Post-Race Massage HERE!

Not sure what your timings will be? Don’t worry, there will be drop in massages available on the day too!

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