Clinical Reformer Pilates

COVID-19 Lockdown 3.0 UPDATE: From 26th December 2020 we have been unable to continue with group Pilates sessions for the forseeable future. We continue to be able to offer a range of online options and also 1-2-1 face to face sessions in the clinic.

We are delighted to be able to offer Clinical Reformer Pilates to goPhysio in Chandlers Ford.

Having run specilaist Clinical Pilates mat classes now in Chandlers Ford since 2011, with such a fantastic space from which we can offer classes and a wonderful team of clinically trained Pilates Instructors, expanding to offer Reformer Pilates is an exciting move for us and our clients.

Who is Clinical Reformer Pilates for?

Reformer Pilates is perfect if you:

Have a persistent injury that keeps coming back and you want to address the cause to stop this cycle
Have a long standing condition (such as arthritis or back pain) that would benefit from targeted, supported and specialist exercises to help your pain and activity levels
Want to strengthen, tone and improve your body’s flexibility
Have limited ability to get on and off the floor to exercise, as the Reformer bed is raised
Either want more help and support and an easier Pilates exercise programme or want significantly more challenge! Reformer can be adapted to both ends of the scale depending on your personal goals
Are familiar with mat Pilates and want to try the Reformer

What does Reformer Pilates involve?

All of our Reformer Pilates sessions at goPhysio are ‘Clinical’ Reformer Pilates. This gives our Pilates service a unique edge, as the power of Pilates is combined with expert knowledge and experience that all of our Clinical Instructors have, in how the body works, movement science, injury and recovery. All of our Instrictors are graduate Physiotherapists or Sports & Rehabilitation Therapists, who have completed extensive Pilates training with World leaders in clinical Pilates, the APPI.

You will always need to start with some 1-2-1 Reformer sessions. This is essential, so you are familiar with the Reformer equipment, some of the key exercises, can use the equipment safetly and can get the most from Reformer Pilates sessions. Some people continue with 1-2-1, whilst others may join one of our Reformer group classes.

During any of our Reformer Pilates sessions, you will work through a series of exercises on the Reformer bed. Using the pulleys, straps and springs, your Instructor will vary the exercises, adding more challenge or a little more support. You can do exercises in sitting, lying, kneeling and even standing!

All of our sessons are progressive and encourage you to develop at your own pace.

Our group classes are small (currently 4 people maximum due to social distancing measures), so you always have close supervision and guidance when you need it to help make sure you get the most from the classes.

How much is Reformer Pilates at goPhysio?

1-2-1 Reformer Pilates sessions are 45 minutes and cost £59
Once you are confident with the Reformer, you can join one of our small group classes. These classes have a maximum of 4 participants and lsst 45 minutes.
Our small group classes are managed through a regular monthly membership paid by DD.
1 class a week is £100 / month
If you’d like to do both a mat and Reformer class every week, we have a discounted combo rate of 1 mat and 1 Reformer class a week for £150 / month

How do I get started?

You’ll need to start with some 1-2-1 Reformer sessions. To book your first session, just give us a call on 023 8025 3317 and we’ll find a day and time to suit you.
You can book as many 1-2-1 sessions as you need. You can discuss with your Instructor when you’re ready to progress to a class or you can choose to continue with 1-2-1 sessions.


What exactly is Reformer Pilates?
Reformer Pilates, much like mat Pilates, focuses on exercises based on quality of movement and control. The exercises teach you to move better, focsuing on weaker areas and deep, stability muscles that often play a part in pain and injury.

Reformer Pilates is based around a key piece of equipment – THE REFORMER! The Reformer looks a little ike an old-fashioned bed frame and consists of a movable carriage which is usually loaded by a number of springs that attach to the carriage to the frame. The carriage slides within the frame and the springs provide varying resistance, either to assist exercises or make then harder. There are also a number of ropes and pulleys attached to the carriage and frame, which are used to either assist or resist certain exercises, providing additional help or challenge depending on the exercise and individual!

What the Reformer provides is significant feedback through the exercises, helping people learn more about their body and focusing on areas that really need targeting. By using the Reformer, you can learn correct technique with a supported posture and with either additional assistannce or gradually increasing resistance.

It really is a whole body workout and a wonderful way to improve posture, stability, flexibilty, stamina and strength, as well as rehabilitate following injury or help manage long standing conditions such as arthritis. Here at goPhysio, we offer a more specialised form of Reformer Pilates, Clinical Reformer Pilates. This means it is run by highly skilled, clinically qualified Pilates Instructors who incorporate the concepts of injury, rehabilitation and Pilates to help you get the best outcomes.

How does Reformer Pilates differ from mat Pilates?
The Reformer is a specilaist bed, with a moving carriage, springs and pulleys. The springs are used to either provide assistance or additional resistance, to make the Pilates exercises easier or more challenging. The Reformer is really flexible; used to do Pilates exercises in sittting, lying, kneeling and even standing.
How many 1-2-1 sessions will I need before I'm ready for a class?
Most people need at least three 1-2-1 sessions. This ensures you are familiar with the Reformer bed and equipment, confident moving about on it and are happy with some basic exercises. These 1-2-1 sessions will really help you get the most from the classes.
Do I have to have done mat Pilates before?
No, not at all! Reformer Pilates is suitable for absolute beginners just as much as it’s great for those experienced in Pilates. In fact, it is recomended to start with Reformer Pilates before progressing to mat Pilates. This is because you get feedback and support from the Reformer, which really helps you focus on the right areas and muscles you need to be working.
It looks too difficult, I don’t think I’d be able to manage it!
This is something we’ve heard a lot, but is far from the truth! The movements and exercises you can do on the Reformer can actually be very simple (yet extremely effective). The Reformer bed, although raised, is stable and safe. All the moving parts are well controlled and can be locked into position so they don’t surprise you! In addition, you’ll have constant supervision and support on a 1-2-1 basis, so the sessions can be totally tailored to your needs.

On the flip side, if you are looking to be really challenged, the resistance, exercises and addition of jumping, pulleys and springs can be adjusted to make the exercises harder – so it caters for a whole spectrum of individuals.

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