Behind The Mask: Beverley

Oct 2, 2020

Behind The Mask Bev

Lockdown came on so quick for us all, which I found quite hard to take in.  At first it was like a holiday, but as the weeks turned to months I found that i missed my routine, I also missed my work colleagues and not forgetting the lovely patients . I’ve worked here for a number of years and some of the patients have now become friends, so it’s lovely to be back in some sort of capacity. 

Here we are 6 months down the line and we are beginning to see some sort of normality return. behind the mask

Running Injuries – The Psychological Impact

Running Injuries – The Psychological Impact

There are many reasons that we run and so many people include running is an integral part of their lives and routines. Keeping healthy, loosing weight, physical fitness and wellbeing are some of the many reasons people run, but mental wellbeing is often a really...