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Reformer Pilates

We are delighted to be bringing Reformer Pilates to goPhysio in Chandlers Ford. 

Having run specilaist Clinical Pilates classes now in Chandlers Ford since 2011, with such a fantastic space from which we can offer classes and a wonderful team of clinically trained Pilates Instructors, expanding to offer Reformer Pilates is a logical next step. 

So, what exactly is Reformer Pilates? 

Reformer Pilates, much like mat Pilates, focuses on exercises based on quality of movement and control. The exercises teach you to move better, focsuing on weaker areas and deep, stability muscles that often play a part in pain and injury. 

Reformer Pilates is based around a ket piece of equipment - THE REFORMER! The Reformer looks a little ike an old-fashioned bed frame and consists of a movable carriage which is usually loaded by a number of springs that attach to the carriage to the frame. The carriage slides within the frame and the springs provide varying resistance, either to assist exercises or make then harder. There are also a number of ropes and pulleys attached to the carriage and frame, which are used to either assist or resist certain exercises, providing additional help or challenge depending on the exercise and individual! 

What the Reformer provides is significant feedback throgh the exercises, helping people learn more about their body and focuysing on areas that really need targeting. By using the Reformer, you can learn correct technique with a supported posture and with either additional assistannce or gradually increasing resistance.

It really is a whole body workout and a wonderful way to improve posture, stability, flexibilty, stamina and strength, as well as rehabilitate following injury or help manage long standing conditions such as arthritis. 

How can I start Reformer Pilates at goPhysio? 

Further information about Reformer Pilates will be coming very soon! To register your interest, please click here and enter your details. 

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