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Post Natal Pilates

Hello! Congratulations on the birth of your new baby! It's such an exciting, new and challenging time. Our specialist post natal Pilates classes are designed with new mums in mind, helping you to regain your pre-pregnancy shape and recover from labour and delivery. The focus now is on toning, strengthening and returning to normal activities. The classes will be tailored to your needs and have a maximum of 8 participants. 

Once you've had your 6 week check, you'll be ready to join our specialist Pilates classes. You can bring your baby along and meet like minded mums in a friendly, supportive and relaxed environment. 

  • Regain your confidence and fitness, now your baby is here.  
  • Build strength, tone and flexibility. 
  • Start exercising safely under the guidance of a Physiotherapist. 
  • Ease and recover from pregnancy related aches and pains.

To help make sure you get the most from the course and to make sure Pilates is right for you, all course participants, for both ante & post-natal, require a 1-2-1 assessment with our Physio, Kim, before starting a course. The charge for this is £40. 

If you have already attended an ante natal class and are coming back for post-natal Pilates, you will also require a re-assessment, but there will be no charge for this.

To book your pre Pilates 1-2-1, please give us a call on 023 8025 3317.

Questions we're often asked 

When can I start the classes?

For post-natal Pilates, you need to wait 6 weeks after a straight-forward natural birth and 10 weeks after a C-section. If you had any stitches, you’ll need to wait for them to heal too. If you feel ready sooner than these recommended times, please get in touch with Kim, who’d be happy to discuss your individual circumstances.

What do I wear?

Wear something loose and comfortable that you can move in. Pilates is done in bare feet, so wear socks if you get cold!

I suffered with pelvic and back pain whilst I was pregnant, can I still do Pilates?  

Absolutely. The exercises can actually help if you suffered with or are still suffering with pain. As the classes are run by a Physio, any individual issues can be addressed as needed. Our antenatal and postnatal classes are led by our Physio & Pilates Instructor, Kim. Kim has a wealth of experience in treating musculoskeletal conditions such as lower back pain, SPD, SIJ dysfunction and postural imbalances related to pregnancy. This ensures you will be provided with expert class instruction in a safe environment, which has been specifically designed to meet the physical demands of a new mum.

Can I bring my baby to the Post-Natal Class?

You are welcome to bring along your baby to the class up until he/she is crawling. Although, many Mums do like to have the hour to concentrate on themselves without distraction if they have someone to leave their baby with.

Do I need to have my 6 week post-natal check with my GP before joining the class?

As long as you've had a straightforward delivery and post-natal recovery, you are welcome to join the class from 6 weeks post-natal, even if you haven’t had your GP check. If you've had a C- Section you will need to wait until 10 weeks after you've had your baby.

How much are the classes?

You can buy class passes for all of our studio classes. A single class costs £12.50 (1 month expiry), 5 class pass £55 (2 month expiry) or 10 class pass £100 (3 month expiry). Class passes can be used for all our studio classes (with the exeption of Clinical Pilates), including pregnancy Pilates, Mum and baby Pilates, Yoga and Active Backs classes. Take a look here for more information about booking studio classes.

Our Classes

  • Every Friday 10-11am
  • Physiotherapist led classes 
  • Maximum 8 participants
  • Restart exercise safely 
  • Individual care and attention
  • Physio support
  • Ease pelvic and back pain
  • Individually tailored
  • Social and fun
  • Bring your baby

“After having my first child Noah, I felt the need to get back to my pre pregnancy fitness and wellbeing. Kim's class is perfect. It is small enough that you feel you are practically getting a one to one session as Kim can keep a close watch on you to ensure the exercises are done correctly, she will also alter any exercise depending on your level of fitness and what injuries, if any, that you may have. Kim creates a lovely atmosphere to the point it sometimes doesn't feel like a workout...until the next day! You are more than welcome to bring the little one along to the class which is fantastic and it doesn't matter whether they cry or not, you are not made to feel like you are being disruptive. I am quite sure that there are not many other classes out there that offer such a high level of dedication and friendliness to their clients. I have already recommended this class to some of my friends and would not hesitate to highly recommend the class to anybody thinking about getting back into shape post baby.”

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