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Individual and Small Group Pilates

In recent years, Pilates has become recognised as one of the most effective ways to maintain an active and pain free life. Pilates classes aren't suitable for everyone though - it may be that you don't feel confident exercising in a group, you may have individual needs that mean the exercises need to be adapted or prehaps you'd like to do Pilates with your partner or a small group of friends. If that sounds like you, our individual or small group Pilates is the perfect option. 

Who is Individual or Small Group Clinical Pilates for? 

Almost everyone could benefit from taking part in Pilates, but regular classes aren't right for everyone. 

Individual or Small Group Pilates is particularly great for you if you:

  • Don't feel comfortable or confident exercising in a group environment 
  • Have individual medical or physical needs which means the exercises need to be adapted for you 
  • Want to exercise with a partner ot small group of friends
  • Can't attend any of our regular Pilates classes on the timetable
  • Work shifts or can't committ to a regular, weekly class 

What does Individual or Small Group Clinical Pilates involve?

Similar to our regular Pilates classes, the sessions are mat based, clinical Pilates. The sessions are all led by graduate Physiotherapists and Sports & Rehabilitation Therapists, with specialist experience and education in managing injuries. 

Each session will take you through a series of exercises, aimed at working your 'core' muscles. Exercises can be on the mat and in standing and may involve the use of small weighted Pilates balls, 'magic circles' and gym balls to add interest, variety and challenge to your class. Sessions can be booked as an individual, 1 to 1 session or as small groups of 2, 3 or 4. 

The beauty of individual or small group Pilates, is that each session will be specifically tailored to you or your small group. Your Instructor will find out exactly what you want to achieve and tailor the sessions accordingly.

Individual sessions last 45 minutes.

Duo (2:1), Trio (3:1) and Quad (4:1) sessions all last 60 minutes. 

When are the Pilates sessions? 

We can hold individual or small group sessions at anytime that suits you (and that our Instructors and space is available!). You don't have to commit to a regular day or time, you can book the sessions that fit in with your diary or you can look at making a regular booking - we aim to be as flexible as possible! 

We're open from 8am 6 days a week, so have lot's of choice and availability for you to find a day and time that suits you. 

How do I book an Individual or Small Group Pilates session?

Bookings for our Pilates sessions are managed directly through the clinic. Pop in to chat to our patient services team or give us a call on 023 8025 3317 to make a booking or find out more. 


The costs for individual and small group Pilates are as follows: 

  • Individual 45 minutes £65
  • Duo 2:1 60 minutes £90 (£45 per person)
  • Trio 3:1 60 minutes £90 (£30 per person)
  • Quad 4:1 60 minutes £100 (£25 per person)

Payment is taken at the time of your session at the clinic. If you are booking a group session, these are private group sessions, so you will be responsible for getting your small group together and paying for that full session. 

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