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Exercise Rehabilitation

We have a dedicated rehabilitation team and space at our clinic in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire. We've invested in some great equipment and have a brilliant team to help you reach your goals!

We go beyond the treatment room, making sure you recover from your injury, stronger. 

Who is Rehab for?

Rehabilitation at goPhysio is perfect if you:

  • Want to quickly achieve your aims and goals
  • Want to prevent injury or relapses
  • Want a specific exercise programme to speed up your recovery
  • Want expert supervision and guidance to get fully fit
  • Want to solve a long standing injury or problem
  • Have been having physiotherapy, sports therapy or sports massage treatment with us and your Therapist recommends you’d benefit from specific rehabilitation 
  • Have no access to a gym or exercise equipment and don't want this to hold you back with your recovery 
  • Aren't confident exercising or doing your own programme and want expert guidance and support on hand 

What does Rehab involve?

Rehab is an exercise based recovery programme. Whatever rehab option you choose, you will have a bespoke exercsie programme created for you, based on your injury and goals. This will consist of a series of exercises that will work on elements such as strength, flexibility and stability. It's a bit like a 'clinical Personal Trainer'!

We have a huge range of equipment in a dedicated space, offering great variety and just the right amount of challenge to see big improvments! You'll alawys be under the direct supervision of one of our Sports & Rehabilitation Therapists. In addition to your exercise programme, sessions will also include a warm up, baseline testing (so you can monitor your progress) and a cool  down, in addition to ongoing support and advice. 

There are a number of options on offer for you to benefit from rehab at goPhysio. 

Free Rehab Taster 

  • All of our patients who are coming to see us for physiotherapy or sports therapy can come along for a free 30 minute rehab taster session. 
  • This session will help you understnad more about the rehab service and how it might benefit you. You'll get a chance to try some exercises, get some ideas for exercises you can try yourself and learn more about how important exercise is for your recovery. 
  • The Sports & Rehab Therapist will liaise closely with your treating Clinician in advance, so that the session is tailored to help you acheive your goals. 
  • The free rehab taster session is optional, if you know you'd already like to get going with rehab, you can book straight in for a rehab start up session. 
  • These sessions can be booked at any time during our opening hours.

Rehab Start Up Session 

  • If you already know you'd benefit from rehab or have come along for a free taster and would like to get started with a full rehab programme, you'll need to book a rehab start up session.  
  • During this 1 hour session, you'll meet 1-2-1 with your Sports & Rehab Therapist. They’ll make sure they get to know you and your individual goals and go through your rehabilitation program with you. They will carry out some baseline tests, to help measure and monitor your progress.
  • You'll get going with your exercise programme during the session. 
  • These sessions can be booked at any time during our opening hours. 
  • The 1 hour rehab start up session costs £55. 
  • Once you've completed your start up session, you can decide whether you'd like to continue with 1-2-1 rehab or join our small group rehab. 

1-2-1 or Small Group Rehab, which suits you better?

1-2-1 REHAB

This is a 1 hour, 1-2-1 rehab session in our Strong Room with one of our Sports & Rehabilitation Therapists. You will have your own, bespoke, exercise programme tailored to you and your goals under direct supervision.

Great for those who:

  • Aren't confident exercising and want 1-2-1 supervision with a regular programme as an alternative to our small group rehab.
  • Want more individualised attention and supervision.

How To Book Your 1-2-1 Rehabilitation Session:

  • You can book your 1-2-1 rehab sessions at a time that suits you and where there is availability in the Sports & Rehab Therapists diary. This includes evenings, early mornings and Saturdays.
  • Just speak to our Patient Services Team at the desk or by calling 023 8025 3317 and they will book in your session.
  • You can choose either ‘Pay as you go’ (PAYG) £55 per session or ‘Block Booking’ of 6 sessions £300 (equivalent of £50 per session). There is a 3 month expiry of block booking sessions from date of payment.


This is a regular, hour long, small group rehab session, where you work on your bespoke recovery programme under direct supervision of our Sports & Rehab Therapist in a small group. At each session, after a guided warm up, you will carry out your individual program. Your Therapist will be on hand throughout to guide and progress you, so that you are being challenged and working towards your goals at all times. There will be a maximum of 3 people in each session, each working on their own program under close supervision.

Great for those who:

  • Have no access to a gym or exercise equipment and don't want this to hold you back with your recovery
  • Aren't confident exercising or doing your own programme and want supervision and support on hand Want to commit to a regular rehab programme as part of your treatment & recovery

How To Book Your Small Group Rehabilitation Sessions:

  • Once you have complete your Start Up Session, decide whether you’d like to PAYG (£40 a session) or make a block booking of 6 sessions £210, equivalent to £35 a session).
  • Take a look at our current SGR Timetable (we offer a choice of at least 8 sessions a week, including evenings and Saturdays) and book a space in your chosen SGR session.

How do I book Rehab?

  • Speak to our Patient Services Team either when you're in the clinic or by giving them a call on 023 8025 3317. 
  • Sessions are available throughout the week. 

How much is Rehab?

  • 1 hour Rehab Start Up £55 
  • 1-2-1 Rehab PAYG £55 / session 
  • 1-2-1 Rehab Discounted Block Booking 6 sessions (3 month expiry) £300 (equivalent £50 / session)
  • Small Group Rehab PAYG £40 / session 
  • Small Group Rehab Discounted Block Booking 6 sessions (3 month expiry) £210 (equivalent £35 / session)

How will rehabilitation help me?

The aim of rehabilitation is to help you:

  • Build long term physical durability
  • Carry out a prescribed exercise programme under close supervision at a rate that will help you achieve your goals
  • Supplement any 'hands on' treatment you have been recieving for your injury, helping you take control of your condition 
  • Exercise in a safe and structured environment, where you have the confidence to take yourself to new levels 


  • All sales are final.
  • Block bookings cannot be share and any unused sessions can not be transferred or carried over to any other persons or services.
  • A strict 24 hour cancellation policy applies to rehab sessions, including rescheduling to another time. We understand unforeseen circumstances arise, however in the interests of being fair and consistent to all clients there will be no exceptions.
  • No shows will be automatically be deducted from your rehab pass.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or change sessions on the timetable.
  • Any sessions that consistently have low numbers or participants will be reviewed.
  • The block booking rehab sessions have a 3 month expiry date from date of purchase. Any unused sessions will expire after this date. 

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"This is a time for me to focus on myself so I can keep active for as long as I can to enable me to help my husband."

"If I didn't have this then I wouldn't stick to my exercises."

"I can do things now that I din't think I'd be able to do again."

"I felt that I was better but still couldn't do what I used to do or as well as I used to. Now I can!"

"I wouldn't have known the tips you've given me without comng here, it's made such a big difference."

"It's nice not to be exercising on my won!"

"This is just what I need."

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